The Billingsley Family in America

Welcome to the Billingsley Book website

This site has been established by S. W. “Bill” Billingsley and Eva Billingsley Wakefield in order to provide our extended family with a copy of the “THE BILLINGSLEY FAMILY IN AMERICA” compiled by Harry Alexander Davis.

This book was scanned from the original which was obtained from the Daughters of the American Revolution library. It represents our best effort to provide an electronic copy of this large book. We have updated page 654 to reflect our current family tree, these changes are indicated in red print. No other changes have been made.

We have received numerous requests to update the book to reflect changes in other sections as well. Unfortunately, this is a spare time project and this really has not been possible.

Please feel free to send your updates or questions to and we will endeavor to make these changes at some point. Please be patient as Eva cannot always respond immediately.

If you are unable to download the . pdf or .doc files that are posted here, we will send you a CD-ROM for $12 to cover the cost of postage, materials, etc.

Please mail a check to:
Eva Wakefield
20936 Theseus Terrace
Germantown , MD 20876